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In three years we spent well over £1000 on behaviourists, puppy classes and dog walkers to get our two Cavalier King Charles stop acting like lunatics with other dogs - but no luck. After two weeks, following the program we received, it resulted that walking them isn't a constant nightmare anymore. The trainer definitely has an unorthodox style, quite different to what we are used to in England - but we think it is a good thing: at times a fresh approach is needed to change old habits.


Jack and Jacquie Helm, Devon

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My husband contacted your school as a last resort, since no one else was willing to help our dog. Our young Labrador developed a nervousness issue with both dogs and people. When the trainer came to our house, Boba wanted to "eat him for dinner". He told us to stay inside, and went out to the garden to face Boba alone. He said he wanted to see how far our dog was "willing to go". We watched what was happening through the kitchen window (not entirely without a good deal of nervousness, I must add)
In less than ten minutes, these two were "kissing and cuddling". We couldn't believe our eyes. They ever since have been best friends. It's still a long way to go, but at least we know that our dog CAN BE charming and friendly. 
Becky L., Ryde 

We had a rather peculiar problem with our Scottish Terrier puppy: she refused to walk. She had this habit of sitting down in the middle of the road when he had enough of the walk. At times she refused even leaving the house. Florrie is an angel, (although B calls her the "black devil"), but she is also a terrier: if she doesn’t want to do something... We were getting really desperate, when one day the trainer saw how we are struggling with Florrie on the walk, and came over to talk to us. 


Once we began implementing his training program, the change in Florrie's behaviour was imminent. It wasn't even the same dog!!! UNBELIEVABLE! The issue with the walking disappeared, literally within days. We were truly impressed.


He is knowledgeable, very straightforward, wastes no time for chitchat. He is definitely a “dog whisperer”, who has a very special way with dogs. No wonder Florrie is in love with him. 


We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs help with training his dog, and have done so. 

Jane and Howard Lowel, Newport


Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves the other day in your dog school. Barney was knackered and I must admit so was I.

Respect to you mate, I learned so much from your knowledge.  Have been using your techniques every day. Big thank you. Also cheers for all the info you sent me on accessories, leads, harness, bowls etc. 

I'll keep you informed of our progress. Massive thanks again mate.

Steve H., Bembridge

The situation with our 16-month Labrador turned bad to worse: not coming back, pulling on the lead, jumping on people, bullying dogs – the whole nine yard. He is not a bad boy, but there came a point where controlling him became nearly impossible, given his strength. One day we saw this big sign on a car: Dog training for humans. That's it!!!! The trainer came to see Buddy, recommended getting new gear for him, and gave us a training program to do each day for two weeks, which we did. A massive improvement occurred in Duke's behaviour: he began to listen to commands! We couldn't believe the change. Cost us only £45. Couldn't be more happy.

Nick Mason, Staffordshire

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My confidence has grown so much and my knowledge about dogs, behaviour and recognising potentially difficult situations with unfamiliar dogs,  since we met you in March, and completed the “crash training”. Loose lead walking is a joy, and seldom do we have any barking at other dogs, even if they are barking at us!  My friend, you have given us so much of your time, knowledge and my confidence has increased since we met you and started working with you. We continue to keep up the suggestions that you made in the beginning and they certainly make so much sense. I have been so impressed by you, and happily recommend you to everyone.  I am so pleased to see the membership creeping up, and hope this continues... strength to strength with the success you deserve.
Jeanie, Paul  & Dex

We came to the school with our staffordshire mix, adopted from the RSPCA, who appeared unfriendly with certain dogs. We wanted to know if there is anything we can do to help him. It was quite a surprise to see how fast Tiger responded to the training. The trainer took a special interest in teaching my granddaughter how to handle Tiger. We were in a desperate situation at the time, and it must be noted that he never charged us for sessions, and several times even gave us a ride home from class (we don't have a car). He also looked after Tiger when we had to go to London. I found him very competent, confident and a gentleman. He certainly has a gift with both dogs and children. 
Pamela Mara and Annabelle, Brading 

Called Bruno about my young and boisterous Staffordshire terrier. He came to our house, immediately the dog calmed down and spent the next hour sleeping in his cage while we sit and talked at the dining table. Amazing effect he had on 'The Beast' (as he nicknamed Tyson). During our first three sessions my partner and I were taught how to calm our Staffie when she gets too excited. Trainer helped us to buy the right gear too. He is a cool, calm, very knowledgeable chap. Tyson clearly loves him.

Chris Oozie, Carisbrooke 

Bruno helped us out with training our golden Lab girl. The difference in her behaviour after only a couple of sessions was amazing. Abbey has calmed down and much much easier on the walks.  


He was also very patient with my children, which I am especially grateful for.


Many thanks, we would definitely "use" him again, and recommend his dog school to our friends with troubled dogs.

Kirsty, Freia, Harry and Abbey, Ryde


Hi, just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with Vinnie! We both found it highly beneficial, and feel a lot more comfortable with the strategy that you have taught us. I will be coming to the Island in two weekends time, and wish to book some sessions with you.


Linda and Steve M., Binstead


We first met on the Esplanade in Ryde on a Saturday afternoon. As usual, our 16 month German Shepherd was barking at his two dogs like lunatic. He walked up to us, gave us his card "Dog Training For Humans" and said "You better bring him in..."  We called him the next day. Always responded promptly to emails, and encouraged us to keep going. After each session, he also sent us a reminder of our homework. He even came to our house and took Belle out to walk when we did not have the time for her. Never charged extra either. He certainly cares – he gave us a new lead and collar for Belle, and he advised us what harness and food we should buy for her. What we personally like about him is that he is non-judgmental - he never made us feel bad or stupid for doing something wrong. We just really wish we met him about six months ago. 

Kumari Holmes and Aaron Foyle, East Cowes


My daughter rescued Vesta in Mongolia. She is good as gold at home, but she had some issues, and lately she began to react badly to more dogs and situations.

We signed up for the mini-course, where we learned how can we help Vesta to calm down through more exercise and less spoiling... We always have a wonderful time going to the dog school - Vesta there becomes a different girl, runs on the agility field... and looks absolutely happy. We are awaiting the day when we can join the socialisation class.


Pamela and Cathryn Arnold, Newchurch


Betsy is a real challenging dog. It was literally impossible to walk her, given my health issues, she was pulling so hard, and she is strong as a bull. The trainer took Betsy for a long walk to see her 'in action', then put together a special training program for us. Because I don't have a car, he even offered to come to our house in Chale Greens for our sessions, and took Betsy out to exercise to the nearby field. His presence was a big big help in a very difficult time. Good lad!!! 

Saffron and Jade, Chale Greens


We are carrying on with the methods you taught us, and still working to improve on her. Marnie is responding well and is still well behaved. 

We both really appreciate all the help and support you have given us. 

Good luck with your dog school!


Ashlye & Paul, Ryde

Bro! Just letting you know that Rosie is with us in France for the summer holiday, and has very well behaved! She is even good with the two cats here. She's still quite naughty, but the new harness DOES make a difference, you were right on the money. We are supposed to be back in IOW this week. Will let you know so we can schedule our next session. Thank you for your help. See you,

Frederique and Jon, Bembridge

We have asked for help with our "Springer issue”: pulling hard on the lead, recall problems, being too boisterous around children and chasing animals, such as sheep and squirrels... B came over to our house, checked out our dogs, gave us a mini-program to do, all within less than  20 minutes. He is a direct, straight-to-the-point dog trainer. We followed his guidance to the letter. The changes were almost instant – our dogs became A LOT calmer within days, both on the walks and at home. We have found his method of mixing theory and practical drills exactly what we needed. Thank you very much. 

Mary and Noel, Seaview


We needed help in training our stubborn Yorkshire terrier. B has been very patient, with extra attention to make sure that we understand what to do and why. After each session we received homework to do along with written, printed instructions. He genuinely cares about his customers. Just one example: when he saw that Tilly was cold during the session, he put a warm coat on her, and then even let her have it as a gift. We are extremely grateful for his help. 


Anne and Derek Schubert, Newport


There is no-one we would trust more

for training our dog. His dedication is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble to ask of him. We have certainly learned how to change direction with Holly. He has been a great help in identifying the things we have been doing wrong. The time we spent in his dog school when visiting the Island was extreme fun and a real therapy for all of us, not just Holly.  


Highly recommended for impeccable service. 


The Murray family, Hucclecote, Gloucester 

If I am not mistaken, we were his very first customer on the Island. I contacted him because our french bulldog became grumpy with other dogs after she was attacked by another dog. We had a couple of sessions on the beach and in our house. 

He used his own two dogs to re-train Ronnie.

At first, he was really skittish and bad-tempered -

I was even worried he may hurt his dogs. It was a great surprise to see that after only half an hour, all the dogs were walking next to each other - in complete harmony.

That was the evidence of what I thought, that in fact it was me who needed to be trained and not Ronnie. It was really really a big eyeopener, and tremendous help. 

Kim Evans, Sandown