The Trainer

Dog trouble?
Better call Ben!

Ben is the Founder of the Dog Fitness & Training Centre. 


Known for his philosophy of "whatever works", he stresses the importance of training humans how to be around dogs.

As the creator of our enterprise, he has formed our main values:

Be humble. Be curious. Be competent. Respect instincts. Teach by example, not by judgment. Focus on what you do when you do it. It's okay to make mistakes as long as you don't form a habit. Never blame the dog. If it's is no fun, it's no good. 

Working with dogs is his passion project. For years he had dreamed of opening his own dog school - a goal he achieved after moving to the United Kingdom. 


Ben is not a behaviourist. His expertise lies in training people new skills - due to a coaching career of fifteen years. 


His main field of interest is Canine Fitness - creating unity and collaboration between man and his dog through exercise and play.