Mission Statement


All dogs deserve a life worth living, and have the right to live with humans who are able and willing to fulfil their basic needs for a safe environment, regular activity, food, and companionship. 


DogTraining4Humans is committed to enhance the standard of living of domesticated dogs, and their human companions through providing professional training programs for dog owners, dog trainers, dog walkers, boarding facilities, breeders, rescue organizations etc., and for all who are engaged in working with dogs. 


We pledge to increase the public’s awareness of its obligation towards our dogs’ welfare in general, and the condition of mental and physical well-being of dogs living among us.


We are dedicated to develop and spread a full-scale training program for those who wish to better understand, and learn how to train dogs to have what we call "Good Canine Manners."


We believe the prevention of animal cruelty and mishandling of pets lies NOT in the blame/shame game, setting more rules and regulations, and wage war against those who we consider heartless or dumb. We believe it must be maintained and enforced through education, predominantly focusing on children and younger generations to show them how to become responsible dog owners, and respect the animals we share our world with.