The Dog101 Crash Course®

What it is 

The Dog101 Crash Course® is a back-to-basics mini-training, originally created to teach children (age 8-12) on the fundamentals of caring for their dog. It is a "User's Manual" that should be handed out by breeders and rescue centres all around the world to make sure the dog owner knows how to "wear the "owner's hat".


Purpose of course:  to raise your knowledge and self-confidence about how to be in control, while building a well-balanced relationship with your pooch. This is NOT dog training. It is "people training". 


A strong commitment to LEARN, and the ability to accept that you don't know or can't do.

We are not here to argue what is right or wrong: on this course we are learning techniques to do improve the way we handle our dogs.


What the course covers

·       Knowing your dog’s breed

·       Choosing the right gear 

·       How your dog's diet influence its behaviour

·       How to exercise your dog - the right way

·       What is a bond, and what to do to create it

·       Pro and cons of the “pack leader” principle 

·       Good Canine Manners - what it is, and how to achieve it

·       The secret to walking your dog without a struggle

·       Why dogs do not follow/respect unstable leaders

·       How your state of mind makes all the difference

The method  

The Dog101 Crash Course® is conducted either in person or online, depending on where you live and the current state of this pandemic madness. It includes a Case Assessment, TWO consulting sessions (one theory, one practical), a full write-up of a training strategy and a Home Study program.


If the course is done online, you may be asked to take a short video of your dog.

Cost of service


(You receive a 40% discount if you already had a Case Assessment.)