The Dog101 Crash Course®

What it is 

The Dog101 Crash Course® is a back-to-basics training program containing six lessons, originally created to teach children (age 8-12) on the fundamentals of caring for dogs. It is a "User's Manual" that should be handed out by breeders and rescue centres all around the world to make sure the dog owners know how to wear the "owner's hat".



To raise your knowledge and self-confidence about how to be in control, while building a well-balanced relationship with your pooch. This is NOT dog training. It is "people training". 


A strong commitment to LEARN and put things in order


The method  

The Dog101 Crash Course® is conducted online via a streaming service. It includes two consulting sessions, a detailed write-up of your training strategy, and a Home Study program. 


You may be asked to take a short video of your dog to follow its progress. 

What the course covers

·       Knowing your dog’s breed

·       Choosing the right gear 

·       How your dog's diet influence its behaviour

·       How to exercise your dog - the right way

·       What is a bond, and what to do to create it

·       Pro and cons of the “pack leader” principle 

·       Good Canine Manners - what it is, and how to achieve it

·       The secret to walking your dog without a struggle

·       Why dogs do not follow/respect unstable leaders

·       How your state of mind makes all the difference

Cost of service



(You are entitled to a 20% discount if you had a Case Assessment already.)