The Dog101 Crash Course®

What it is 

The Dog101 Crash Course® is an online User's Guide course that should come with all newly acquired dogs to make sure owners know what they are supposed to do to create a healthy, well-balanced partnership with their dog.



Nada. Zip. Null. Except for a strong commitment and resilience to become a magnifico dog owner.


What the course covers

Key points of the program:

·       Knowing your dog’s breed

·       Choosing the right gear 

·       How your dog's diet influence its behaviour

·       How to exercise your dog - the right way

·       What is a bond, and what to do to maintain it

·       Pro and cons of the “pack leader” principle 

·       Good Canine Manners - what it is, and how to achieve it

·       The secret to walking your dog without a struggle

·       Why dogs do not follow unstable leaders

·       How your state of mind makes all the difference

The method  

The Dog101 Crash Course® is an ONLINE course. It includes an initial consulting done via Skype or phone, and a Home Study program where you get access to course material. (You will may be asked to take a short video of your dog).