The dog school 

In Britain, the phrase dog training generally refer to either a private session in your house, a group gathering or "puppy chaos" in a public park, or a puppy class held on a weekday night in the village hall or church hall.


We do not do any of those.


We built a professional dog school and playground so we can meet our students in a safe and secure (and fun!) environment. 

This is how a traditional dog training class is conducted:
dogschoolIOW (1 of 1)-2.jpeg
And here is what training looks like in our Dog Fitness & Training Centre:
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DogSchool (1 of 1).jpg
DogSchool (1 of 1)-18.jpg
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DogSchool (1 of 1)-830.jpg

We believe the most effective way to train dogs is NOT indoors, but in an open-air, safe field where dogs can freely roam around without the risk of running away, or being bullied by an unknown dog.


In Europe and North-America, such a place is called a DOG SCHOOL.

A dog school is THE PLACE to go for advice, where dog owners can just pop in, and have a chat with someone who knows a thing or two about dogs, where both man and dog will always receive a warm welcome from the friendly instructors. 

A dog school is also an important ‘community outreach program’, where dog owners come to greet&meet, socialise and attend workshops.


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