How much...?

"I've never said I can do it better than others. I only said I can do it faster.
Speed is my shtick."   
dogpic2-ConvertImage.jpg it going to cost??

We prefer keeping things simple. 

Canine Case Assessment             £50/dog


Dog training  1:1                                 £40/session

Dog school membership                   £30/month

Group session (3 dogs)                      £20/session

The Dog101 Online course                £148




The small print

Please note that

1.  All services must be paid in advance.

2. Sessions skipped ("no-show") or cancelled within 24hrs notice will be charged 50% of standard cost.

3. All paid services are valid for 30 days, and without further notice expire one month from the date of purchase.

4. There will be a 50% surcharge on assessing or training aggressive/reactive/nervous dogs. Sorry about that. 

5. Dogs with known history of aggression must be muzzled for the assessment/training. No muzzle - no training.

6. Every dog that wish to join our school must first go through a Canine Assessment session and get green light to enter.

If you are good to go, schedule an appointment  and let's get rollin'!