How much... it going to cost me? - is usually the first question everyone wants to know. 


Fair enough. We all work hard for our money, and we want to make sure we spend it wisely. 


The difference between us and other trainers/dog walkers you will encounter is that we do not work on a pay-by-the-hour base. We have found it is not beneficial for neither our students nor for us.

We advise students to start with the Canine Case Assessment, which contains a thorough analysis of the issue. It gives you an honest evaluation and a detailed program of what you can do to improve the situation.

We conduct the assessment online, via phone or in person, depending on where you reside.

The cost of the Assessment is £40. 


You may be invited to join our membership program that will allow you to participate in classes and group activities in our Dog Fitness & Training Centre.


Please bear in mind that for the sake of all our students, we do not accept new members to our school without a proper assessment. 

If the above sounds fair, schedule an appointment and let's get crackin'!