A message from the Founder 


HERE'S TO YOU, who refuse to give up hope that the situation can get better, no matter how daunting the task may seem to be.


It's time to stop beating yourself up for not being the perfect owner!


A wee reminder to everyone who is confused, frustrated, stressed out, but nevertheless, trying the best to provide a life worth living for a dog: Give yourself a hefty pat on the back once in a while!


When things look bad, it's not easy being your own coach, your own encouragement and motivation, your own emotional support, the one to boost your self-esteem, who tells you that it is okay to screw up.


Those who are elderly or ill, or going at it alone without support, or rescued a troubled dog from who-knows-where, or struggle to pay the bills, or have children and a household to manage – deserve an even bigger pat on the shoulder for keeping it all together.


It's time to cut yourself some slack.


Living in confused times when people are so quick to judge others, I wish to acknowledge that you deserve a thumb up for taking responsibility for your dog – proven by the mere fact of visiting this website. 


I applaud all of you I meet at dawn in the woods at FirestoneCopse or Culver Downs in the morning frost, walking the dog in your mucky Wellingtons. And you, who diligently take your dog to agility class. And you, who never miss your dog's evening stroll after a long day, even though all you want to do is collapse on the settee and crash. And you, who spend your last pennies on vet fees (which proves right there that you love your dog more than yourself). 


Does it ring a bell? Then you really need to stop being so hard on yourself.  


Take it from me: You are awesome! You must look in the mirror and repeat – "Well done me.

I haven't done so bad."


You deserve all the support you can get. Wherever you are in the world, you are welcome
to give us a buzz
and reach out for help.

Let me be perfectly honest though: it is the customer's desire and commitment to get it right, to get better, to help the dog is what motivates me to be sharp, and really put my knowledge on the line. On the same token, when I feel that someone is not serious, and just pretend to care, I lose interest in two seconds. Its just the nature of the game. 




Founder of the Dog Fitness & Training Centre

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