About us
Dog Training For Humans UK has been created by a group of dedicated dog enthusiasts from four countries. We envisioned building a high-standard Dog Fitness & Training Centres that offer a fun, stress-free and secure environment for play, exercise, training and socialising.

This is a pioneer venture, and we all pledge to learn every day as we strive to make our mission become a reality.

Meet The Team

Mission Statement


All dogs deserve a life worth living, and have the right to live with humans who are able and willing to fulfil their basic needs for a safe environment, regular activity, food, and companionship. 


We pledge to increase the public’s awareness of its obligation for maintaining the well-being of the dogs living among us.

We believe the prevention of animal cruelty and mishandling of pets lies NOT in the blame/shame game, setting more rules and regulations, and wage war against those who we consider heartless or ignorant. We believe it must be maintained and enforced through education, predominantly focusing on children and younger generations to show them how to become responsible dog owners, and respect the animals we share our world with.

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Headmaster of Dog School and Woofcraft 

"Most dog-problems can be traced back to insecurity. Not the dog’s, but the owner’s."

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Director of Smooching

"There is no therapy in the world that would match a puppy licking your face."  



Head of 

Veterinary Magic

"If we call them man's best friends, we've got to give back exactly what we ask from them. No more, no less."

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Fairy GodMother of Grooming 

"It's not just cleaning the fur. It's cleansing their little soul, and making them feel extra special."